Driver Safety

Driver Safety Management


Safety, Risk and Ratings Reports for Drivers

On road behavior analysis is available through the detailed reporting in our fleet management system. Safety and risk factors can be associated to drivers based on key indicators like speeding, seatbelt use and after-hours use, over acceleration, harsh braking and sharp corners. These and other safety metrics for drivers are available as reports or as real-time alerts. There is no longer a need for the “How’s my driving?” sign on the backs of your fleet and business vehicles, you’ll know as it happens.

Real-Time Driver Coaching

In-vehicle audible alerts can notify drivers of potentially dangerous situations based on behavior. For example, a driver that is speeding will hear the alert until the speed is corrected to the defined level. This technology will enable your drivers best habits to be developed and insure their safety while on the road.

Seatbelt Usage

Often times a situation involving your driver’s safety has nothing to do with their driving habits. Insuring that seatbelts are in use 100% of the time is an added benefit of our fleet management system. Our unique feature of automatic detection of seatbelt usage will provide a safe working environment for all your drivers.

Instant Accident Alerts

Notification of an accident can be critical. You want to insure that everyone involved is safe and knowing immediately helps incredibly. Our system can alert you instantly through in-depth reporting of second by second activity. You can even be notified if one of your vehicles has been hit while parked which can help prove no-fault with your insurance provider.

Your Fleet and Business Vehicle Safety Program

Our system can support and sometimes spark the development of a fleet-wide safety initiative. Establishing a program that revolves around driver and vehicle safety provides comfort for you, your drivers and accountability with insurance providers.