GPS Tracking System

Tracking your fleet vehicles with the GeoTab system will help you understand costs and realize efficiency opportunities. GeoTab provides simple to install hardware and amazing software to manage your fleet vehicles. Installing the devices takes little time, they plug directly into the ODB-II port in any vehicle and start reporting data right away. Within a few days to a week you will have a robust set of data to begin managing your fleet. That data will continue to grow as time passes and will show you a great deal of opportunities to fine tune your fleet and realize savings in fuel, time and maintenance costs. The basics of the GeoTab system are described below, however we encourage you to contact us with any questions about the benefits for your own individual fleet.

GPS Fleet Tracking

GeoTab devices use a GPS to locate the vehicle and report critical data around movement, location and other metrics. Each unit is placed out of the way and monitored via GeoTab management software that places a map against that vehicle or vehicles location and movement data. You can use the data and map to plan routes, report on diversions from those routes, see where each vehicle in your fleet is currently and understand risk factors in the movement occurring.

Engine Data for All Vehicles

GeoTab uses data that is sourced directly from the engine of the vehicle to report maintenance issues as they arise. The engine data is also used to report, speed and accident alerts making the fleet managers aware of every potential issue that occurs each day the fleet is out at work. You can get alerts for things like a check engine light, or reminders for events around scheduled maintenance or insurance renewals.

The GeoTab system has a key difference to other GPS tracking systems in that it is compatible will all vehicles big and small. Install the GeoTab into your regular fleet vehicles or your heavy equipment and aggregate all your fleet data using the management software, it’s a simple solution!

Strong, Flexible Software

GeoTab’s software is as simple to use as the units are to install. The software is compatible with all operating systems and available on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones). You can login anywhere the world to see where you fleet is and what it is doing.


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