Productivity Management

Productivity Management for Your Business and Fleet Vehicles


Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking 

Watch your fleet move on a map in real-time with associated trip details. Each vehicle is displayed along with accurate event descriptions. Hover your mouse over the map to see trip points that will provide data on speed levels, exception rules, stop times and more. Customize your data to show what you need in order to best optimize your fleet and business vehicle management and performance.

Trip Reporting

All trip history is stored, securely, available for review or analysis at anytime. All trip data is recorded with an active unit in place. This allows you to customize new data or reports and run them historically for full insights into your fleet or business vehicles. Reports can provide extremely relevant information on activities, enabling you to completely understand performance and costs.

Activity Insights

Gain key insights on vehicle activity through our reporting tools. Fully customizable data reporting and out of the box reporting give you an immediate perspective that can be used for operational efficiencies. See data on time spent at the office versus driving time, or fleet vehicle times at customer locations to determine performance measures and identify accurate work time allocations.

Exception Based Rule Management

The exception based rule management feature is what really sets our product above the others. With it you can define custom, precise rules that give you information and data for key operational concerns. Driver safety is often a concern that can be addressed by using exception based rules. If you wanted to see a map of trips where your fleet or business vehicles exceeded a certain speed, an exception rule would allow you to view and understand potential safety concerns. Other examples include, seatbelt usage, extended stops, idle time,  late arrivals and defined route deviations.

Integration with Garmin GPS

Our product integrate with other GPS (USB-based) devices. Garmin is a perfect example of the integration because it allows all the benefits of fleet and business vehicle management, adding, dispatch capabilities. When a Garmin or GPS device is connected to our system, it is transformed into a powerful messaging and dispatch tool. You can sen route information and have driver status changes when they arrive onsite versus travel time.