Scheduled Maintenance

Notifications Based on Vehicle Engine Data


Engine Issues, Detected Automatically

Downtime in your fleet and business vehicles is not an option. When key indicators of issues go un-noticed problems can be large, time consuming and costly to remedy. Our fleet management system provides instant access to vehicle engine data and fault codes directly from your vehicle. That data and fault code information can be used to mitigate issues before they become costly downtime and repair bills.

Vehicle Maintenance

Being proactive with fleet and business vehicle maintenance is too often overlooked. With our fleet management system, you can set a schedule of maintenance and have reminders sent out to fleet managers. Fleet vehicle data like engine hours or odometer readings can be taken on the fly to determine if maintenance outside of the schedule is required as well.

Preventing Vehicle Wear and Tear

Maintenance and responsible usage of the vehicles will create a manageable environment around vehicle wear and tear. Scheduled service, driver behavior adjustments and understanding fault codes immediately from your fleet or business vehicles will reduce the overall and unnecessary wear and tear on your assets.