3 Ways GPS Solutions Can Improve Your Fleet Operations in the New Year


  1. Curb Bad Driving Practices

Our  GPS solution monitors vehicle activities including speeding, idling, seat belt, harsh braking etc. and there are preset rules built in the system to identify what counts as bad driving behavior. However, it also gives room for customization of these rules by the fleet manager to better model in-house policies and recurring adverse conditions. A basic example of this would be increasing the increasing the amount of time a vehicle’s engine can be on in the winter before it counts as idling. Being fully aware of your fleet’s behavior on the roads helps to identify ways to not only save money by monitoring how the vehicle is used, but also ensures that you are doing to ensure the safety of your drivers on the road.


  1. Maintenance

According to a study conducted by AAA in 2014, eighty-eight percent of repair shops found that motorists frequently missed brake fluid service. Other vehicle service points commonly missed were battery checks (82 percent), transmission fluid maintenance (81 percent), tire maintenance (78 percent) and engine coolant (77 percent)1. What we can conclude from these findings is that drivers cannot be solely relied on to properly maintain vehicles. One of the benefits of our GPS solution are maintenance reminder rules that are set to mileage, period frequency and engine data pulled directly from the vehicle’s OBDII port to ensure accuracy.



  1. Optimize Business Operations

Implementing a GPS solution in your fleet gives you the ability to view data you require to will help your business run more efficiently. An example of a data point that would prove especially useful in the service and delivery industries is route planning. Effective route planning entails planning ahead to ensure your vehicle is going on the fastest available route and planning the order of services/deliveries made to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Another feature of effective route planning is customer guarantees. Planning ahead of time allows you to provide estimates to your clients of when to expect you. In an age where customers expect to be kept in the loop of every aspect of their transaction, this can prove to be invaluable in establishing customer retention and loyalty.



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Have a wonderful New Year!






 1. https://newsroom.aaa.com/2014/10/understanding-vehicle-maintenance-needs-challenging-motorists/