Our Vision of Fleet Management

          Gone are the days when fleet management simply meant being able to pinpoint vehicles on a map. Fleet management is now an all-encompassing term used to define everything involved with ensuring fluid operation within a fleet of vehicles. This involves effectively monitoring HOS to ensure compliance, monitoring fuel usage, assessing risk, maintaining healthy vehicles etc.

            As time goes on and our pool of data increases, our goal is to find effective ways to use this data to improve your business. We want to ultimately give you the assurance that every single possible scenario has been fleshed out. Whether it be weather forecasts, road hazards or traffic conditions, we want you to know that we have properly calculated the options available and are prepared to help you deal with whatever comes your way.

             Fleet management is a vital industry and accounts for a significant portion of business in North America (https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/consumer-industrial-products/articles/fleet-leasing-management-north-america.html). We understand the nature of the industry and the intricacies of the day-to-day occurrences that cut into your profit margins. As a result, we strive to remove the element of surprise from your daily operations.

            We know this is just the tip of the iceberg for what we hope to accomplish in the fleet management industry and we look forward to redefining the standard of what our customers expect from effective fleet management.


Your Current Daily Fleet Operation

            We picture your workers arriving to the yard using traditional time card punch ins to indicate the start of the day. Depending on the nature of your business, they might also have work order forms where the nature of their work for the day is spread out. Below are alternatives for how to make full use of your fleet's capabilities are detailed below:

  • To create a more fluid work environment, without the moving variables of paper forms and accidental time card entries, we would like to introduce you to our tailored work order solution doForms. With live location services integrated into the central Geotab system, you are able to see exactly where the work order forms were completed and have the ability to schedule the route, time and location of the job to be done.
  • There are also NFC fobs available for instances where multiple drivers make use of the same vehicle in order to properly distinguish drivers and assign trips, jobs and driving behavior accordingly. This is especially helpful to companies who would like to have reports and data broken down by driver as opposed to the vehicle being operated. NFC readers also have the benefit of being able to accurately identify correct shift hours without the hassle and discrepancies of traditional time cards.


              As the day moves on and the drivers are on their respective routes, there are a number of things that may come up frequently. Not limited to, but including:

  • Change in scheduled jobs
  • Adding a job
  • Canceling a previously scheduled job
  • Hazardous weather
  • Road obstructions
  • Route Optimization



Changing Assigned Jobs/Adding a Job/ Canceling an Assigned Job

               Routes and scheduled jobs are easily customizable using our doForms integration along with myGeotab. Not only can you plan your jobs and routes well in advance, you can also choose to cancel, add more or reassign jobs to another driver very easily. Drivers will get real time notifications for the actions you have taken and will consequently be given a new set of instructions as dictated by you.

(Source: https://marketplace. geotab.com/solutions/weather-telematics-road-hazard-alerts)



Hazardous Weather/Road Obstructions  & Route Optimization

              Through E-Horizon and doForms not only are you able to plan your routes and schedules in advance, you are also able to edit routes based on an internal risk assessment in case of any unforeseen weather circumstances. This will better assist with ensuring safety of drivers and productivity.



  • Map-based service allows dispatchers/control centres to view real time hyper-local, weather-related road hazards and risks.
  • The Road Weather tab on the MyGeotab portal provides access to maps displaying a series of weather conditions overlaid as color coded layers that can be toggled on and off to view one or several road hazard risks simultaneously.
  • The system generates automated real-time audio and visual alerts of road weather hazards in proximity to the vehicle that are transmitted directly to the driver.
  • The service is integrated with the MyGeotab Portal to aid in driver mentoring.


Vehicle Alerting

  • Hydroplaning Risk (flooding/precipitation)
  • Low Visibility Risk (fog)
  • Icing Risk (Black Ice/Freezing Rain)
  • Wind Risk
  • Hail Risk
  • Lightning Risk
  • Road Weather Conditions


Risk Index

  • If your company has a fleet integrated with MyGeotab, fleet vehicle locations will display on the map. Rolling over the vehicle icon will display a ―Risk Index‖ identifying the level of risk of Hydroplaning, Low Visibility, Wind, Hail and Lightning in proximity to the vehicle.
  • The Risk is displayed as Green for no risk, Yellow for Low Risk, Orange for a medium risk and Red for high risk.



  • Provides real-time view of road and weather conditions to enable direct action by drivers and dispatch
  • Reduces driver risk
  • Provides critical data to improve logistics and decision-making
  • Minimizes risk for fleet assets
  • Reduces potential accidents
  • Reduces maintenance costs


(Source: https://marketplace. geotab.com/solutions/weather-telematics-road-hazard-alerts)