About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2005, Sirius Technologies is Manitoba's premier provider of Vehicle/Asset GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems. Headquartered in Winnipeg, in the heart of Canada, the company designs and sells custom solutions for small, medium and large size businesses across North America.

What We Do

Sirius Technologies works hard to offer you tailored solutions that will fit your company's needs while keeping to your pre-set budget. We are committed to creating an adaptable solution that will grow and prosper with your business.

But having customized hardware and software is not enough to rip the benefits of GPS Tracking. Sirius is therefore committed to train your team to utilize the new system at its best, thus allowing your business to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Solutions, Specific for You

We are committed to give you the best possible solution for your business. Call us now and discover the difference!

Geotab Authorized Re-Seller

For over a decade, Geotab has been a proven industry leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking, also known as telematics. Fortune 500 companies, including 30% of the top ten fleet and 10% of the top 100 fleets in North America, rely on Geotab’s technology. Since Geotab provides end-to-end, hardware and software, solutions that are entirely scalable, both enterprise organizations and small-to-medium sized firms are active users. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through its Authorized Reseller network.