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What Is
The platform provides access to a number of

Geotab is pleased to launch, a new

aggregate datasets derived from over 2 billion daily records and

data platform that unlocks intelligence data from our

900,000 Geotab-equipped vehicles. These datasets are categorized

global network of connected vehicles for a multitude of

under the following categories: Urban Infrastructure, Location

innovative uses such as design of autonomous vehicles

Analytics, and Weather. Dependent on the dataset, data is updated

and smart cities, enhancing business productivity, and

as frequently as every hour or as infrequently as every month.

building safer communities.

Datasets include:

Driving Areas

Searching for

Areas of

Cell Coverage
Dark Spots


Commercial Vehicle
Point of Origin


Urban Infrastructure

Truck Parking

Service Center

Location Analytics

Fuel Station

Hyper Local

Hyper Local
Barometric Pressure

Weather Analytics

Dependent on the dataset, data is updated as frequently as every hour or as infrequently as every month.
The site is currently in beta and scheduled for full launch in June 2018.

For more information, visit

How Can This Data Be Leveraged?
The wealth of information available at has numerous use cases,
from benchmarking to smart city applications. Complete datasheets are provided on
the site to help you understand and leverage each dataset.

Data & Privacy: Methodology
Based on the fact that only provides fully
anonymized datasets, there is no use or disclosure of personal
customer or driver in While datasets are
derived from data that have a component of location associated
with them datasets are structured to ensure that no individual
location data is disclosed; and each area must comprise data
from multiple customers. For example, hazardous driving areas
are aggregated to an area of 150 m by 150 m where at least 3
or more customers have experienced harsh braking events.
Prior to being released, each dataset is reviewed by Geotab’s
Risk Assessment Committee and Chief Privacy Officer.

Data is available to existing customers and new customers who register for
an account on and agree to Geotab’s Free Data License.
The data is accessible through Google BigQuery, which requires
a valid Google email account.