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Universal OBD II Harness

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Universal OBDII T-Harness Kit for the GO device. Multi-adapter kit consisting of a T-harness (HRN-GS16K2) and 12 different mounting adapters for use in most light-duty & medium-duty vehicles, and is compatible with most models globally.

Documentation: Support Document (, Installation Instructions (

Length: 60 cm / 24 inches

PurposeUsed to extend the placement of the GO device. Required on vehicles where the ALDL (OBD vehicle connection) is located in an area that could cause the GO device to impede the driver. Also required for vehicles where the recess of the ALDL location prevents the GO device from connecting properly. The 12 different mounting adapters allow for installation in different vehicles makes/models.

Max length of connected cables: 2 meters / 6.5 feet