Fleet Management

Features and Benefits of the Sirius Technologies Fleet Management System


The world’s most sophisticated GPS fleet management solutions that help small, medium and large organizations develop fleet management policies to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.

Fleet Management


Productivity Tracking

View unique details of vehicle and driver activities that allow you to make decisions that influence productivity. Track events like, speeding, harsh braking and customer stops versus driving times.

Driver Safety

Safety of the driver is always a first concern. Our fleet management system not only help identify opportunities for a safer driver, it can communicate with the driver in real-time to rely the message, keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Cost Reduction

By understanding data on your fleet and business vehicles, you will find opportunities that would normally be lost in day to day activities. Our fleet management system allows you to ask questions and received data-based responses that enable you to reduce idle times, optimize routes and plan accurately and efficiently.

Scheduled  Maintenance

Interfacing directly with the vehicle's engine, our system of fleet management devices can show you metrics on engine performance and use. See a current odometer reading or get notifications when scheduled maintenance activities are due, vehicle by vehicle.

Customized Reporting

With over 30 fully customizable reports out of the box, you will never be without data to drive a decision. If you have specialized requests we can even help build reports tailored to your business and your requirements. All reporting is completed in Excel standard format.

Cloud-Based Software

Access our fleet management system anywhere on any device. The cloud-based system provides full and complete access to all your fleet and business vehicle data no matter where you are in the world.

Plug and Play Telematics

No additional antennas or wiring is required for our fleet management system. Installation is simple, plug and play based technology that allows you to focus on the fleet performance, not down time for installations.